How to prepare your bathroom for the cold in Winter

Bathrooms can be a notoriously draughty place within your home, something none of us want to be dealing with in the UK’s colder months. As much as we are trying to not think about the chilly season, you don’t want to leave it too late and experience an unpleasantly cold bathroom trip first thing in the morning. Our bathroom designers & installers in Scotland have detailed some simple checks that ensure your bathroom is winter ready!


As simple as it may sound, factoring in functioning radiators into your bathroom designs can significantly benefit you in the colder months of the year. This heat source can warm up the room effortlessly so that you don’t have to experience that harsh chill when showering, waking up and under any other scenario.  

If you don’t want to implement a radiator into your bathroom design, you could consider adding a heated towel rail. Not only is this a brilliant way to store your towels, but it also heats the material so that they are nice and cosy after your bath or shower.

Our bathroom designers in Scotland can talk through your options and discover which heating method is best for the aesthetic and practicality of your bathroom. You can then leave it with our bathroom installers to make the ideas an ideal reality for the winter months.

Check your pipes

As briefly mentioned, bathrooms can be a renowned source of draughts where the outside air seeps through and can make your entire home feel the cold. Complete thorough checks of your bathroom’s pipes to ensure that there is sufficient installation with no cracks or leaks that could allow the weather to creep inside. Avoid the potential risk of frozen pipes that could lead to issues further down the line.


Similarly to the pipes, it is important to take a look at your bathroom windows and ensure that the sealing is as it should be and your windows are at least double glazed. Keep the cold out with these simple things in mind initially and you can prevent any greater issues later on. Our team of bathroom installers will complete these checks and recommend any changes that could help your home.

Heated flooring

If you are truly looking for modern bathroom design tricks, our bathroom designers can talk to you about choosing heated flooring. Step on to well-heated or insulated bathroom flooring so that your feet won’t have the endure the cold underneath as you manoeuvre through the room.

Corinthia Interior bathroom design & installation

If you are considering upgrading your current bathroom design to incorporate new features and have a modern twist, speak to our bathroom company in Scotland to understand how we can create, supply and install your new room. Get ahead and prepared for the winter months with the help of our team. Visit our bathroom showroom or alternatively, give us a call on XXXXX

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