Important things to remember when designing a kitchen

Kitchen design can be an overwhelming process with managing various aspects and keeping on top of things that shouldn’t be overlooked.  

Our local kitchen suppliers have detailed a few useful tips that you can apply to your new kitchen design and installation.

Choose a layout that works  

Take the time to logically think about what you expect from this room within your home and how the kitchen layout can impact this. Aim to maximise floor space that will enable you to easily navigate around the room and provide a nice, open space for everyone in your home.

If you suffer from mobility issues, you could consider accessible kitchens and tailor these to suit you. Wider spacing, clear floor space and avoiding bulky appliances are all features to factor into your personalised kitchen.  

Kitchen worktops

Don’t make the mistake of leaving yourself short of kitchen countertop space in your new designs. Think about the number of occupants in your home, what you will use the worktops for and ensure that you don’t underestimate them. This can cause problems in the long run with your kitchen not satisfying its full potential, which could deter you from loving the room as much as you had hoped to. Implementing a great amount of kitchen worktops create the opportunity to bake, prepare dinner, store your favourite items and more.  

Fitted kitchen appliances

If you are trying to maximise the space in your kitchen, it can be a good idea to look at fitted appliances. These cleverly-designed features eradicate the requirement for large, bulky items that quickly fill the room. Speak with our kitchen suppliers to discover what we recommend to suit you,  fitted ovens, dishwashers, fridges and more for your modern kitchen designs.

Electrical points  

Don’t make the frustrating error of forgetting to add enough electrical points in your kitchen. Plug sockets will quickly be engaged by the various appliances at the heart of the room, therefore, you should take a moment to guarantee there are sockets in the right place. Doing this initially will prevent any problems cropping up as the project moves along and incurring further costs.  


Similarly to the other points from our kitchen designers, don’t forget to incorporate a good amount of storage in your new, modern kitchen. At Corinthia, our beautiful kitchen ranges house a perfect amount of storage that can be tailored to suit your needs. If you have a larger family or younger children in the home, you are likely going to require more storage. However, storage doesn’t have to look unappealing, there are plenty of modern kitchen storage ideas that can be applied to your designs. From layered cupboards to built-in storage units, they fit seamlessly into your kitchen and achieve the aesthetic you are aiming for.  

Corinthia Interiors  

You won't need to worry about any of these points with a kitchen by Corinthia Interiors as we will support you from start to finish. Leave it to our team to take care of your design, supply and kitchen installation in Scotland. Providing bespoke kitchens that you've dreamed of, with quality materials that will last you for many years to come.

If you need kitchen design ideas, visit our kitchen showroom in Stirling to gain inspiration and shortlist your favourite collections. Our kitchen retailer will work alongside you to present how your kitchen will look and function, listening to all your requirements and delivering the perfect matched designs.  

Shop our kitchen ranges and get in touch if you would like to find out more about us or to get the ball rolling with an exciting project.

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